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Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate

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Redemption Cemetery:  Clock of Fate

Based on the CE and SE Demos

I don't understand the opening cut scene.  But, apparently, the story is a Conductor's daughter was killed on the tracks because he had to choose between her or the death of many.  Sorry, I would ALWAYS choose to save MY child.

Music - creepy; voice overs well done; sound fx also creepy; graphics too gray .... everywhere .... even in the Inventory ..... GRAY!

Casual/Advanced/Hard and Custom difficulties.

HOGs ran a gamut of a variety from list to find 'x' number of whatever.  There is an alternate 'matching game' if you prefer.  Mini games were ok.  I found them on the easy side.

You have a transportable map.

CE Bling:  All the usual fare ... and this Developer gives you a LOT of 'usual fare' with this series, including .....

* Collect skulls (also 'usual fare') in order to purchase items with which to decorate YOUR grave.  (Ok.  I'm an older gal and this just toooo creepy for me).

That's it.  No other collectibles nor morphing anythings.

Several things you need to be aware of.  There are LOTS of bugs, mice, bats and creepy crawlies.  The inventory area is soooooo gray that it's difficult to tell exactly what you have without constantly hovering over each item.   Somehow, during the course of the game (you get a note re this) you can be in 2 places at one time.  Ok.  That might be cool but it didn't happen in the demo so I don't know how I'd feel about that.  At the end of the demo, Death makes a bargain with you.  How you answer Death will, apparently, change the course of your gameplay.  At least, that's what's inferred when the demo ends.  Again, I don't know how that would work as I don't think BFG game devs are quite THAT advanced yet.  It would be cool if that happened though.  I'd play both sides of the coin just to see how the game differed.

Due to all the grayness and the 'inferred' game play (i.e., 2 places at one time and different course of gaming), this is not for me. 

It is certainly not CE worthy as all it offers me is collecting skulls to decorate my grave.  No thanks.


Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Redemption Cemetery:  Clock of Fate Devil-smiley-029

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