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Reflections of Life: Dark Architect

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1Reflections of Life:  Dark Architect Empty Reflections of Life: Dark Architect on Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:29 am


Reflections of Life:  Dark Architect

Based on the CE Demo

The Kingdom of Gaudium is on fire and the King watches as buildings fall and his subjects run for their lives.  Then, the Queen falls to her death ..... or does she?????

Graphics, music and sound fx were spot on.  Voice overs were well done and I was glad to see lip movement (a pet peeve of mine - lol).

Casual, Advanced, Hardcore and Custom difficulties.

You are armed with an Album which contains cut scenes, a task list, an transportable map and an Owl helper.  For some reason, I am totally into owls these days so I kind of liked this feature .... wish it talked.  The 'hint' button also transports.

HOGs:  Interactive.  Just .... meh.  Mini Games:  Lacked instructions.

CE Bling:  The usual fare, however, the area where the 'extras' are is done in an amazingly stunning way.  I don't believe I've seen this before.  Yes.  You have to go look yourselves - lol.  There are also ....
*    65 collectible guardians - there can be more than 1 in each area.  Find them all to 'finish the painting' in the Extras area.
*    3 lucky gifts (?)
*    A total of 3 games:  Dark Architect (main game), Liberation and Magic Sight.

Not for beginners.  Perfect for Experts.  I think I would have enjoyed this game, however, the lack of instructions made it impossible for me to progress into further game play.  Perhaps I was missing something?  Except for the Strategy Guide, which you need to figure out the mini games, this game is not CE worthy.  While it has 3 games  and 65 collectibles, I was bored to tears early on. 


Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Reflections of Life:  Dark Architect Devil-smiley-029

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