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Elly Cooper And The City of Antiquity

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1Elly Cooper And The City of Antiquity Empty Elly Cooper And The City of Antiquity on Mon Dec 21, 2015 1:51 pm


City of Antiquity - Not As Old As You Might Think

You play Ellise - please, it's Elly! - Cooper, a beautiful explorer who has just returned from abroad. Your father Henry Cooper, rather than greeting you in person, sends a letter arranging a meeting. There, he tells you of an important discovery he's just made and that he wants you to join him immediately on an expedition. Naturally, at this point things fail to go as planned. The era is the 1920's.

While the style of the game suggests it is a few years old, it seems to have been released only recently. The atmosphere is dark, dreary and dingy. The scenes are colored mostly in brown, dark brown, and even darker browns. The voices are well done, but if you have the sound turned off you'll have to focus carefully on the written dialog because it appears only briefly.

The game play, particularly in the hidden object scenes, is more difficult than the typical game. Objects are frequently hidden by very (very) nuanced shading, as well as small size. You should always try games for yourself, but I would imagine this would be extremely difficult to play on a laptop screen. The other thing about the game play is that it is more adventure style than the typical hidden object game. That means a little more exploring, a slower pace, fewer active areas, and not-so-obvious use of objects.

There is a map which subtly highlights available locations with a pulsating glow and shows where there are tasks to complete. The hint system is also good (sorry, I did not take note the refresh time ). And though this is a standard edition, there are also extras like achievements and 55 collectible coins.  There is also a Yahtzee type dice game.

If you like light, easy, happy games, this one may not be to your liking. However I did enjoy the demo and, since I have some credits to use, I will probably purchase this one. Definitely give it a try, especially if your preference leans toward adventure games. City of Antiquity is old-style, but not antiquated.


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