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Rainbow Mosaics: Christmas Lights

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1 Rainbow Mosaics: Christmas Lights on Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:35 pm


Rainbow Mosaics:  Christmas Lights  Tree Chris 2

(iWin as of 12/14)

What a lovely, relaxing game to play during the Christmas holidays. red2

Graphics were under-done.  It was often difficult to see the numbers on the graph because it was so dark.  BHB Music and Sound fx were ok.

This is a game generally referred to/called 'fill-it-ins'.  There is a graph game board.  Along each side there are numbers.  Your goal is to create a picture snowman4 using the numbers as your guide.  Really ..... it sounds much harder than it is - lol. chantnoel

This particular game has ...... wait for it ................ COLORS!  C lights At least 3 very Christmasy colors to work with.  OH JOY! elf2 M & J I LOVE me some colors!!!!  chantnoel And, unlike some games of this genre, the pictures really do come through as you fill in the blanks.  You can actually see them ....... grow? ...... appear? ........ whatever ...... it's ........ magical! Snowman

There are bonuses to help you and presents to buy.  The only downfall is how difficult it is to see the numbers as they get crossed off.  If not for that ...... this would be an almost perfect nonogram game.

Come along an join me build sleighs rain Deer and snowmen snowman4 and presents gifts galore!!!

ENJOY! Hi Santa C Tree and Merry Christmas!! W man 

tree Merry C

Overall Impression:  If I can get past the difficulty with the numbers ...... this game is mine!  lol 

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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