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Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots CE

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1 Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots CE on Thu Dec 03, 2015 2:57 pm


Christmas Stories 3:  Puss in Boots

Based on the Beta and CE Demos

Your character arrives home one evening to find an abandoned kitten cat2 on her doorstep.  She takes him cat2 in, feeds and cares for him, and it's off to bed.  ZZZZZ Suddenly, she is awakened ....... by her new kitten cat2 .................. who is standing on 2 legs ......................... and TALKING!  WOW1 Actually, asking for her help.  The Christmas Star has been STOLEN!  Gaah! OHNO!!!!! scared1

Music music2 - The initial game page has the lovely Carol of the Bells music2 .  Music continues to be Christmasy throughout.  Graphics were well done.  Not a lot of visual fx such as making lights twinkle when you click on them, etc.  Voice overs were GREAT .... considering you're talking to cats - lol.

Kitten, Santa, Puss N Boots and Custom difficulties.

HOGs were slightly interactive lists.  Mini games were quite fun and easy, smile1 although sometimes the instructions weren't very clear. sad1

No journal or diary.  You have an interactive map that makes the 'hint' button much more appealing (and easier) to use.  Your helper is your delightful talking cat, Simon. cat2   In one area, you have a 'gadget'  to find tools.  Hmmm.  smug Sounds like this game has it all.

CE Bling:  In addition to the customary wallpapers, music, etc. there are ............
*   36 collectible puzzle pieces - more than 1 can be found in any given area.
*   12 morphing objects - can be difficult to find.  I HAPPENED on 2 by accident - lol.
*   Secret Room - sorry, no idea whatsoever.

LOVE hart4 LOVE hart4 LOVE hart4 Simon the talking cat.  Santa is, unfortunately, very scary looking.

I wanted to LOVE heart1 LOVE heart1 LOVE heart1 this game but came away after the demo with .... it's ok.   straight-face It's extremely easy so great for beginners.   I wish there were things like touching a snowman and he smiles or waves, touch lights and they twinkle .... like the previous Christmas Stories game.  santa rendeer It's a cute story with LOTS of cute cat characters.  It appears CE-worthy on paper but in reality, not so much.

If you LOVE cats hart4 cat2 this is the PURRFECT game for you (yeah, I had to go there - meow - lol) because it's ALL ABOUT THE CATS in Catsville!  Not a human (or other species) to be found!

Help Santa find the missing Christmas Star. star1

ENJOY! cat2 heart1 rendeer santa 

Overall Impression:  Cute little game but may get the SE myself.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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