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Eventide: A Slavic Adventure

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1 Eventide: A Slavic Adventure on Thu Nov 26, 2015 6:53 am


Eventide:  Slavic Fable

Based on the CE and Beta demos.

Brought to us by Artifex Mundi

Your character is a botanist whose latest find is making worldwide news .... a new species of moss has been found.  Now, you find yourself on an epic adventure .... to a hidden place of peace and tranquility that holds secrets as old as time itself.   But, the forest creatures, creatures as old as time, may be in terrible, terrible trouble.   YOU need to help them.  Can you? 

Graphics were much better than I expected for a fantasy-type game of today.  The voice overs were absolutely amazing.  You have to play the game to understand exactly what I mean.  The music was .... suspenseful.

You get a diary/journal, the transportable map needs a LOT of work.  I won't go into the problems as I did mention it in detail in the game's "survey".

3 difficulty modes:  Casual, Advanced and Expert.

HOGS (hidden object games) - silhouettes, slightly interactive, no alternate game.
Mini Games - fun, fun, fun!  I didn't see a "reset" button but that could have just been me.

CE Bling:
*  Collect 30 cards (NOT always easy to find -- could they be morphing objects?)
*  Collect 30 ethereal flowers (easier to find than the "card")
*  22 puzzles (not sure what this is all about - sorry)

I really liked that you had to manipulate the fire hose to put out the fire ....  or the OMG moment when you found your kidnapped Grandmom .  SHOCKED MUCH????  WHO in the WORLD would kidnap a grandmom?!!?!?!? The "forest folk" sitting around the table .... I just fell in love with them and desperately wanted to jump into the computer and help them!!!  LOVE   LOVE LOVE the troll-looking Slavic creature!

It's NOT often that you come across a game that evokes so much emotion (worry for the forest folk , shock , laughter ) ..... that makes you forget that it's just a game ..... where the mini games and HOGs just take a backseat to the storyline.

This is definitely NOT a game to pass up.  I think it would be great for all levels of experienced players.   It is a definite purchase for me, especially as a CE.  In fact, I will probably replay the beta , and replay it ....... and replay it again , several times before it's released! 

Are you up to the task of helping the forest creatures?????  Join me and I promise you, you will certainly .....


Overall Impression:  NOT to be missed.  Once the bugs are fixed, this may easily be 2015's Game of the Year!

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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