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Gotta Love My Furbaby!

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1Gotta Love My Furbaby! Empty Gotta Love My Furbaby! on Sat Jan 17, 2015 4:08 am


Just gotta love my furbaby, Freya!   Very Happy

sunshinej:  Great ideas ..... but had already been implemented.   Sad   Always wanted to make sure she had LOTS of activity going on as she is a puppy yet, so LOTS of stuffed animals (that she LOVES to unstuff  Laughing ), tons of different balls we play fetch with - yes, in the house - you should see her JUMP when it's flying above her head!   Shocked   Then, there's her KONG which is filled with a treat every few days ..... and LOTS of "chewy" type treats.  Her favs are pigs ears ---- which she carries all over the house looking for "just the RIGHT place" to bury it.   Very Happy   THAT'S an adventure that can last HOURS!   Laughing

It appears, now that she is over her first "heat" (YAY YAY YAY - whew!) she is going through Round #2 of ............... teething.  Poor little thing's gummies are irritated.  Crying or Very sad   Again, we have LOTS of toys, treats, etc. that we hope will keep her busy and help with the discomfort.

I'm truly amazed at her loyalty to me lately.  I haven't been feeling very well and she lays on me, licks my legs (the source of MY discomfort) and does everything she can to let me know she loves me.  I couldn't love her more  I love you , then I look at her ..... and fall in love even more.  I love you

Have a lovely day/evening/night .... and ENJOY the new "beta game links"  Very Happy  


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