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Myths of the World: The Whispering Marsh

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1 Myths of the World: The Whispering Marsh on Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:13 am


Myths of the World:  The Whispering Marsh

Based on the SE and CE Demos

Graphics were ok.  Voice overs, sound fx and music were ...... meh.

Explorer/Professor/County Bounder and Swamp Dweller difficulties (love these names!)

HOGs (hidden object games) - varied from lists to interactive games.  Morphing Objects are located in the HOGs.  There is an alternative Mahjong game if you prefer.  Mini Games were unique and sometimes very hard (for me).

I found that I had a difficult time with the instructions for the mini games - they seemed difficult to understand.  As though additional instruction would have made what I was supposed to do a bit clearer.  The Interactive Map was redundant in its use so I relied heavily on the 'hint' button, which also transported.

CE Bling:  Besides the usual fare, there is the following ...............
*   Lorebook (wonder what this is)
*   Souvenir Room (hmmm)
*   Collect Acorns
*   Morphing Objects - in the HOGs - 16
*   Collect Hidden Signs - 42

CE Bling seems very 'heavy' with lots to find.  However, during the game play didn't equal what was 'on paper'.  Are the 'hidden signs' the same as the 'acorns'?  What do we do with the 'souvenir room'?  Also, what I found during game play was an acorn in every scene and a morphing object in each HOG.  Again, what you find during game play is a lot 'lighter' than what appears on 'paper'.

Reviews of the CE demo indicate the game IS long, however, the Bonus Game IS needed to understand the ending of the game.  If true, this leaves the SE game sadly lacking.  Reviews also indicate that you could not collect any 'souvenirs' until you had completed the Bonus Game.

Unfortunately, I was not immersed in the storyline.  There was no personal 'wow' factor indicating I HAD to purchase the game.  I would recommend it for beginners only or those who have not played previous Myths games - as they would be disappointed in this one.  This will not be a purchase for me because of all the 'hmmm' moments, confusion re the CE Bling and lack of good mini game instructions.


Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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