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Dark Tales: Edgar Allen Poe's the Telltale Heart

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Dark Tales:  Edgar Allen Poe's The Telltale Heart

Based on the CE Demo.

It's 1851 in I Don't Careville.

FYI:  The game starts off with the following disclaimer:  "This game contains violence and disturbing scenes." 

Ok.  Well.  Not during the demo IMO.

OMG!  A bloody, beating heart ............. and we start the investigation 3 days before the murder.

A dark stormy night.  A woman walks along the waterfront.  A blood-curdling scream!  Blood everywhere!  And, of course, you are off to solve the mystery of the crime.

Graphics were typical EAP (Edgar Allen Poe) games, brown.  Lots of brown.  The music was nice, sound fx ..... meh.  Voice overs.   Well ........... I wonder if this Dev ran over budget and cut costs at hiring voice actors.  IMO, it appeared that the same person was acting out at least 2 people each.  Older man/little boy .......... nope ..... didn't work at all.  Sigh.

Casual, Advanced, Hard and Custom difficulties.

CE Bling:  In addition to the usual fare of wallpaper, music and replayable games, there are ...
*  36 collectible cards (all relating to previous EAP games)
*  A crystal skull kept securely under a dome. (Complete the mini-gamles to gain access to the crystal skull kept under the glass dome).  (Collect all the skull cards and complete the corresponding puzzles to activate the
crystal skull and learn your destiny.)

Hmmm.  Not much there.

I wanted to love this game.  A DISCLAIMER!!!!!  ooooooooo - expectations of blood, guts, gore and MORE!  Hmmmm ........... not.  Big disappointment.  Unless it's in the game waaaaay beyond the short demo.  Short ..... yes.   Took me just under an hour and I am NOT the world's fastest player.  I like to click on everything and see if birds fly, butterflies butterfly.  Well, you get it.

Perfect game for .............. beginners.  It's soooooooooooooooooooooo easy.  Sadly lacking in the CE Bling department (although that crystal skull/find my destiny WAS tempting) so I would purchase the SE vs the CE.  Well .... not ME because it's NOT a purchase for me.  But, IF I were to purchase it I would get the SE.  So disappointed.  Had such high hopes and ................... BAM!  Boredom City.  For those who can look past it all ..........


Overall Impression:  Whistle

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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