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Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love CE

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You're welcome
whatever you're thanking me for thinking1  big-grin

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Thank you !

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love CE Devil-smiley-029

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Dracula goes online dating and meets the princess of his dreams. Sadly she wasn't really honest and so Dracula desides to run. You have to help him escape.

This is a typical Time Management game where you build and update factories and gather supplies to reach your level goals. 

There are 3 game modes: Normal mode, Multi-click mode, where you can click the next actions. There seems to be no limit on clicks you can set. And there is a Relaxed mode.

You gather black cats, statues, cards in gift boxes and posters. They are not really hard to see but you never know which ones and how many are in each level.

There is a strategy guide but I haven't tested it yet.

The bonus chapter has 15 extra levels and judging by the time you need for the later levels (Level 41 took me 13 minutes) they give you lots of extra playtime.

The characters are hilarious. I absolutely love panicking Dracula and Frankenstein beating up guards  big-grin 

It started a bit slow and quite easy but it gets quite challenging after a few levels. You can use the usual bonuses like speed, faster working or stopping time which are different in each level and there are permanent bonuses like more speed for your zombies and some where you can choose which one to use like getting 1 more wood or getting one more stone. The good thing is that you can change some of them while playing the level. The Levels get more challenging the longer you play. You will need a lot of strategy to finish them with 3 stars. Level 5 was the first where I wasn't able to get 3 stars. I'm at Level 41 and I'm happy that I at least get still 1 star. I'm a total loser at strategy  sad1 .

I absolutely love this game. Even if it ruined my weekend. I couldn't stop playing so I have to work tomorrow or sunday. There are 19 levels left big-grin 

If you like Time Management games, you should at least try this and I recommend to play the whole demo because the first levels are the tutorial and a bit slow but it gets better the longer you play.

Happy gaming and I'm off to play a few more levels winking2

Edit: If you have a problem with not being able to get 3 stars on every level or having to try to get them countless times than this game could not be the right one for you (unless you play relaxed mode. You always get them there).
There are some serious hard ones that drive you up the wall and need a lot of strategy to finish with 3 stars but they all are possilble.
I love it hug. I'm so tired of games, where you get gold on practically all levels with the first try.

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