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Haunted Legends: The Secret of Life

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1Haunted Legends:  The Secret of Life Empty Haunted Legends: The Secret of Life on Fri Oct 09, 2015 3:30 pm


Haunted Legends:  The Secret of Life

Based on the Beta (as of 10/9)

Wow.   Followed by several moments of silence.  Then ........... another ... w - o - w.

St. Germaine has been very ill.  He now only has 1 week to live so he has been searching in vain (so far) for the Secret of Life which is supposed to be in ...... the ............. h-o-u-s-e.

The game has some very new nuances to it.  For instance, you will be asked a question .... or perhaps YOU will have to ask a question ...... and you have 2 choices.  How will the choice YOU make affect the outcome of the game?  Or will it?  Hmmmm.

Casual, Advanced, Hard and Custom difficulties.

HOGS (hidden object games) were mostly list items - not very interactive.  One was a silhouette.  None difficult.  Mini games were fun.  Some time consuming but all very fun.
CE Bling:  I expect the usual fare from ERS including:

*   Achievements - in the form of questions (i.e., Do you like to read?  How much do you like to read?) - hmm.
*   Morphing Objects - YAY!  This girl loves me some morphing objects!
*   Collections - Of what?  I clicked on a few items inadvertently and ..... whoosh ..... of it goes ..... and I've apparently done something right.  But what?  Go figure.
*   Again...inadvertently clicked on ..... something .... and "1 of 25".  But 1 of 25 WHAT?????

Besides my personal "wow" factor (which generally dictates whether I will purchase a game) .... DURING the game play I turned the volume on my television ............. off.  I wanted NO distractions.  Even white noise in the background.  I was THAT involved in the game.  THAT'S never happened before.  Hmmmm.

A definite CE purchase for me.  Great for all levels of expertise mainly for the story.  Difficulty is fairly intermediate.  I felt taken back to some of the features of older games.  No gimmicks or gadgets or helpers (don't get me wrong ... I LOVE helpers) or interactive HOGs and multi-level mini games.  Just a great story with great game play.

This game would be perfect for a Halloween release.  Ghosts and bats and dead people come to life and .... a very creepy, spooky house.

ENJOY!  smile1

Overall Impression:  Definitely CE-worthy.  Lots of spookiness for a Halloween release.  I gasped at the end of the demo and just sat in silence for a few minutes going "wow" - over and over.  A definite purchase for me.

Worth 10 gazillion stars. star1 star1 star1 star1 star1

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Haunted Legends:  The Secret of Life Devil-smiley-029

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