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Haunted Hotel: The X

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1 Haunted Hotel: The X on Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:49 pm


Haunted Hotel:  The X

Based on the Beta (as of 10/9)

Once again, a great storyline.  Your friend has gone missing in the Lexington Hotel while investigation the Hotel's Legend.

Graphics were absolutely amazing!  Ghosts popping out at you, pictures that aren't just pictures.  LOVED it! 

Voice overs, music and sound fx were great as well.

Casual, Advanced, Hardcore and Custom difficulties.

HOGs were mainly list type with a silhouette thrown in for good measure - lol.  Not tremendously interactive and no alternate game.  Mini Games were quite fun.

Interactive map and a camera that plays back cassettes for you.

CE Bling will consist of the usual fare plus:
*  21 Morphing Objects
*  20 Puzzle Pieces
*  Rose Petals (found 1 by accident and didn't find any more)

This is a great standalone game (don't have to own/played the previous 9 games), great for beginners through experts, great storyline that flowed very well.  Perfect if it comes out for Halloween.

I own the previous 9 games in this series and will definitely be adding the CE of this one when it's released. 

Join me in finding out about the Legend of the Lexington Hotel.


Overall Impression:  Definitely CE worthy if the release keeps to the Beta.  Love the storyline.  Loved playing the game.  Not a bunch of gadgets to distract from the game play.  Def a purchase for me.

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