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The Curio Society: Eclipse Over Messina

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1The Curio Society:  Eclipse Over Messina Empty The Curio Society: Eclipse Over Messina on Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:02 pm


The Curio Society:  Eclipse over Messina


He was released during an Archeological dig (of course, how else???  lol) and now gargoyles are attacking the City of Messina.  Your character has been sent in to investigate.  But, first, you must pass the test to become a full-fledged member of 'the Society of Antiquities'.  Can you do it?

Graphics were very well done.  Couldn't complain about voice overs (even 'Henry's - lol) or sound fx.  The music was classic 'whodunnit' but ran on an extremely short loop, causing a bit of an annoyance very quickly.

Casual/Advanced/Hardcore and Custom difficulties.

Along with an interactive map (which also shows where 'extra' items are), there is a journal with notes and dossiers that you find along game play.  There is also a 'suitcase' that shows the next step in the game once you fill it with the appropriate 'evidence'.  Hmmm.

HOGs were slightly interactive lists or silhouettes.  There is an alternate Match 3 if you prefer.  While mini games were not entirely new they were quite fun.

I thought I had a helper in the form of Harry the Ghost but Harry was around only long enough to give my character an energy ball to put into a scepter.   Periodically, this energy ball will enable you to do ..... something.
At this point I'd had enough.  30 minutes into the beta and I'd played numerous HOGs, mini games AND found endless notes, dossiers and evidence for the scepter but little actual 'game play' (as opposed to lots of games to play) related to the storyline.

I'm not sure about the 'extras' as I was unable to access that area during the beta.  Again,  during game play I found notes, dossiers and 'extras' (what they were was unclear).  There were also coins I collected but wasn't sure why.  Is this going to be a CE release then????  Who knows.  Let ask Harry.


Overall Impression:  It's a definite pass for whether CE or SE.  There was so much going on I got dizzy.  Too much, too fast.  I would have liked to known more about what was behind the gargoyles flying around (2 during the beta).

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?The Curio Society:  Eclipse Over Messina Devil-smiley-029

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