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League of Light: Silent Mountain

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1League of Light:  Silent Mountain Empty League of Light: Silent Mountain on Sat Sep 12, 2015 8:04 pm


League of Light:  Silent Mountain

Based on the CE only (as of 9/12)

The 'Black Rock' has been found but ............... the 'squad' of people who found it have been turned to stone.  scared1 And then the story takes you on an adventurous investigation trying to find Louise (of the League of Light). nerd

Graphics were done very well.  Exactly what I'd expect in a game.  Voice overs were 'almost' perfect sad1 .  At times, IMO, voices had a bit of an echo.  Great music and sound fx.

Very Cool!  big-grin You can choose your characters voice!  happy dance1 Male/Female/None (none?  you are no one???) Gaah!

HOGs were very interactive silhouettes.  There is NO alternate game to play instead.  MINI GAMES .... well ..... DEFINITELY new and innovative and wow!  WOW1 Did I need some patience and perseverance!  sacred1 We all know I have NONE! devil1

CE Bling:

Besides the usual fare of wallpapers, replayable games, etc. there are the following extras:

*  Collect 7 statuettes.
*  Collect 26 owls (NOT that easy to find)
*  Collect puzzle pieces (I didn't find any during the demo although it is mentioned in the 'Extras' sections.
*  Collect 'all the fresco parts' (this is one of the achievements)
*  There are some very interesting Achievements that I haven't seen before - lol.  For instance ..... Answer an Easy Question About the Game.  Obviously, you need to finish the game and then go back to Achievements, click on that particular one and ................ and answer the question!  lol

I LOVED hart4 playing this demo and hated that it ended!  I DID have some problems but still am optimistic that a patch will come out and I can purchase the CE, although I didn't find the puzzle pieces OR fresco pieces.  BangingHead THAT might sway me towards the SE.  Either way, I WILL own either the SE or CE at some point - lol. big-grin

Try NOT to get turned to stone while your character attempts to locate Louise in Belgium and, as always ....................................

ENJOY!  smile1 

Overall Impression:  Without the majority of issues I've had and if there really ARE puzzle pieces and fresco pieces, this is definitely CE worthy and a purchase for me!

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?League of Light:  Silent Mountain Devil-smiley-029

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