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Haunted Hotel: Phoenix

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Haunted Hotel:  Phoenix

Based on the CE demo only (as of 9/6)

CE Bling: 

Besides the usual fare ..... and there is something for everyone here (even me and I don't usually care about the 'extras') ... there are:

*    Figurines - 11
*    Puzzle Pieces - 20
*    Secret Room (which you can 'finish' more than once according to the Achievements???)
*    Morphing Objects - 21 (gotta love those morphing objects!) love

I enjoyed playing this demo.  The storyline flowed quite well and I didn't feel lost in the surroundings, graphics or having too much to do at any one area. 

The demo has a lot to offer and, although I've read other reviews that say the main game is quite short, I will definitely purchase either the CE or the SE ..... when it becomes available.  For those on the 'fence' as I am ....................

ENJOY! smile1 

Overall Impression:  With so much to do in the CE, IMO, it is definitely a CE-worthy game.  Although the naysayers mention too short of a main game and a bonus game that is not relevant to the main game, it is worthy a BOGO sale.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Haunted Hotel:  Phoenix Devil-smiley-029

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