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Haunted Hotel: Phoenix

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Haunted Hotel:  Phoenix

Based on the CE only (as of 9/6)

Set in 1979,  a plethora of fires have broken out in Oregon, resulting in a Mystery Tracker (your
character) being called in to investigate. smug

I liked the graphics a lot.  It definitely looked like an area that had a LOT of fires breaking out.  Music music    was hauntingly beautiful.  Voice Overs were very well done as were the sound fx.

Casual, Advanced, Hardcore and Custom difficulties.

There is no journal, so to speak, but there is a map and the 'hint'  button does transport you.

HOGs were list-type with some interaction.  Nothing too difficult.  The mini games, on the other hand, could be a bit ....... challenging - lol. big-grin

CE Bling: 

Besides the usual fare ..... and there is something for everyone here (even me and I don't usually care about the 'extras') ... there are:

*    Figurines - 11
*    Puzzle Pieces - 20
*    Secret Room (which you can 'finish' more than once according to the Achievements???)
*    Morphing Objects - 21 (gotta love those morphing objects!) love

I enjoyed playing this demo.  The storyline flowed quite well and I didn't feel lost in the surroundings, graphics or having too much to do at any one area. 

The demo has a lot to offer and, although I've read other reviews that say the main game is quite short, I will definitely purchase either the CE or the SE ..... when it becomes available.  For those on the 'fence' as I am ....................

ENJOY! smile1 

Overall Impression:  With so much to do in the CE, IMO, it is definitely a CE-worthy game.  Although the naysayers mention too short of a main game and a bonus game that is not relevant to the main game, it is worthy a BOGO sale.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Haunted Hotel:  Phoenix  Devil-smiley-029

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