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Where Angels Cry: Tears of The Fallen

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1 Where Angels Cry: Tears of The Fallen on Sat Sep 05, 2015 8:16 pm


No St. Augustine Here, But I "Confess" I Liked It Anyway

This is certainly not a girly game - but that doesn't necessarily mean it is a good one either. I mention this because when I am asked to beta-test a game, they always seem to send me the girly-est games. *sigh* This game was the exception, as I beta tested this game a while back.

This is a religiously-themed game. The setting is the 13th century, and you have been authorized by the Vatican to investigate an inquisitor (curiously named Augustine) who has "gone too far." You travel to the Spanish village of Portonero disguised as a Knight Templar. You are going to see a few things in this game that you don't normally see in games of this nature, but I won't reveal them to avoid spoilers.

We're introduced to quite a few characters during the demo; a guard, the Sheriff and his wife Dolores (they also have a son, Diego), a local villager, the village chaplain Brother Ramon, and of course, Augustine. The voices are good, and there is a fair amount of dialog.

I should stop here to say this: Be prepared - the pace of this game is meant to be slower than usual. Along the way you are followed by a raven. When you click the raven in a new scene, a video is added to the Backstory icon on the left. I recommend taking the time to watch the videos as they are well produced and add quite a bit to the story. I think I accumulated 6 during the demo.

This is a period game, but it suffers a little because there are numerous non-period items present, i.e. clothespins and pocket-watches. Nevertheless, you'll have to "get-into" the whole 13th century thing in order to enjoy the game. The music is very much a help, not because it is period music, but because it is very beautiful and uplifting in contrast to the dark story.

Game play features numerous old-style "pop-out" items where a few items need to be collected and inserted into the little balloons to complete the task. There was a tangram puzzle and several fairly simple HOPs.

CE Extras: The usual bonus game and SG. 16 achievements, replay of the 30 mini-games, 15 collectible doves. There is also an Info/Stats page showing how many mini-games completed, total # of clicks, time played, etc.

I found the artwork to be very high quality and thought the game had a great look. No tech issues for me. Don't ever be dissuaded by negative reviews (even mine! ) or slower pace. As St. Augustine said, "Patience is the companion of wisdom."

Note: BFG has a "chat with the developers" forum for this game so you send feedback directly to them.

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