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Something Very Special Happened and I MIssed It!

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1 Brookie Wookie! on Sat Jan 17, 2015 4:15 am


Brookie Wookie's event will DEFINITELY get POSTED IMMEDIATELY!   Exclamation   Better late than never, Dax.  Smile

Knowing you as I do ....... just because you are OVER-LOADED with the awful "W" word ("work" - shakes and shivers  :face: ) Brookie knows how much LOVE you have and what a wonderful hooman mommy you are!   Smile

As soon as I can figure it out ... I will post it on the calendar as a recurring event so we don't forget NEXT YEAR!

I love you  Daxie ---- bunches and bunches !!!!!



Please post on the scrolling banner that Brookie Wookie turned 10 years old on 3rd January 2015 but because I was so ill, I missed it.

OMG what a bad furbaby mother I am!

Brook is as daft as a brush, she is terrified of rabbits and she was also scared out of her wits when the 6 week old kittens moved in. She is the very best living hot water bottle ever, especially when temperatures plunge below zero and she's a cheese aholic.

Oh dear it's 1.30am (in the UK) and I am still awake! That's bad, very bad.

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