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Hotel Mahjong

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1Hotel Mahjong Empty Hotel Mahjong on Tue Aug 11, 2015 6:15 pm


Hotel Mahjong

Graphics are very well done.  Definitely what I'd call a 'party' atmosphere.  I can't comment on voice overs, music or sound fx because I had it all turned down.  Bad me. crying2 

This is your typical Mahjong with a fun, new twist.  smile1 As the name indicates, you are playing in a 'hotel' with each of 5 doors on each floor being 1 of several types of Mahjong games.  You can get up to 3 stars for each successful game ..... but you can also 'time out' if you don't finish the game quickly enough.  sad1 Too bad ............ so sad.  crying2 Unfortunately, that was the deal-breaker for me. sad1

This is obviously from the makers of Hotel Solitaire because, except for the title of the game and the type of game being played, all the precepts are the same.  Work your way up to the Rooftop by successfully 'passing' each door and each floor on your way up Arrow .... and up Arrow ..... and up Arrow !

I own several Mahjong games from BFG.  Unfortunately,  I tend to dislike games that don't have an 'untimed' or 'relaxed' feature.  straight-face   I like my Mahjong games (as well as other games such as solitaire, riddlers, etc.) to be more relaxing ..... without the stress of having  specific goals to meet that might be impossible .... for me.  loser   There really isn't a storyline here but you don't need one at Hotel Mahjong in order to have fun!

I would recommend this for intermediates and experts as opposed to beginners because I don't think the tutorial leans towards a beginner.

Jump right into the amazing game play at the Hotel Solitaire and ................

ENJOY!  smile1

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Hotel Mahjong Devil-smiley-029

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