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Laruaville 3

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Laruaville 3

We've met the people of Laruaville several times before. When we first met these wacky characters Laruaville 3 Laugh , we helped them to build a town. Laruaville 3 Smile Next, we helped them find the moon. Laruaville 3 Moon And now we're helping them rebuild another town but the area they've chosen has no seasons Laruaville 3 Sun Laruaville 3 Moon Laruaville 3 Rainbow Laruaville 3 Lightning Laruaville 3 Umbrella .

The graphics are amazing. That bloated, animated fun look. Laruaville 3 Smile Music was cute and sound fx were perfect.

Relaxed, Timed and "x" Number of Moves are your choices of difficulty. Laruaville 3 Smile

The game play is a typical match 3 with a twist. There are obstacles in the form of locked boxes, etc. but there are bonuses for matching 4 or more like items. And the fun doesn't stop there. Laruaville 3 Shock Make matches so you can move a key across the line to the lock. Laruaville 3 Laugh NOT so easy. Laruaville 3 Whistle There is also a mini game between levels.

I found this demo so relaxing to play and got my personal 'wow' factor at the end of the demo (WHAT????? Laruaville 3 Shock OVER???? Laruaville 3 Shock NO!!!!! Laruaville 3 Shock NOT YET!!! Laruaville 3 Shock ). It's also a great standalone game, meaning you don't need to have played the previous games to 'get' the story .... but ...... it'd be nice Laruaville 3 Smilebig . Great for all levels of experience and perfect for a quite evening Laruaville 3 Moon , stormy outside Laruaville 3 Lightning Laruaville 3 Umbrella , or just a lazy sunny afternoon Laruaville 3 Sun . A definite purchase for me ..... again.

Who knew you can actually build ............. seasons!!!???!?!?!?! Laruaville 3 Sun Laruaville 3 Rainbow Laruaville 3 Lightning Laruaville 3 Umbrella

ENJOY! Laruaville 3 Smilebig

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Laruaville 3 Devil-smiley-029

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