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Spirit of Revenge: Elizabeth's Secret --- NOT a finished product

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Spirit of Revenge:  Elizabeth's Secret

Based on the CE and SE demos.

Your character is a modern-day psychologist with leanings towards parapsychology.  What THAT means is she's a psychologist who likes ghosties and things that go bump in the night - IMO.  She finds out she is a descendant of Queen Elizabeth's Maid of Honor ..... and the intrigue continues with jealousy, a missing boy and vengeful ghosts! 

The graphics were amazing.  Voice overs ... perfect .... especially when a head turns while speaking AND you can STILL see the features move!  Sound fx couldn't be better .... down to the rolling thunder and lightning in a storm!  And the music!  You had me at the music!  Not creepy ..... more .... ghostly? ..... hauntingly beautiful?

Casual, Advanced, Hard and Custom difficulties.  Be VERY watchful if you choose 'custom'.  Things aren't as you've been accustomed to.  'Nuf said.  lol

Besides the hint button (wait for it .... you will gain a very, VERY different 'hint icon/helper'), there is also a 'travel bag' that contains memos, tasks and a transportable map.

HOGs (hidden object games) were .... everything!  Interactive lists, silhouettes, make matches.  I didn't come across the same HOG twice during the demo.  Mini Games were fantastic!  Fun.  Innovative.  New!  Some I just could NOT get!

There is a lot to do here .... no extra gadgets .... no special items that do wondrous things.  Just a good old-fashioned HOPA.  And although this is the 2nd in the series, I did not find that you needed to play the previous one  ..... thereby making it a great standalone game. 

Unfortunately, the only difference I could find between the CE and SE was .... during the CE demo I found a 'morphing item' and was told that for each morphing item I find I get additional hints.  This made no sense to me because it NEVER appeared as though I needed anything extra since the hint button recharged.  That one morphing item was the only one I found .... well .... I really wasn't looking anyway.

I didn't like the map and used the 'hint' button instead.  MY experience was ..... when I wanted to look at the map I had to open the travel bag and click on the 'map'.  Annoying.  Better just to have a 'map' icon.

I had a GREAT time with this demo and recommend it for all levels of expertise. You may laugh, gasp a time or two .... or three.  Be frightened?  Maybe.  You will DEFINITELY enjoy!  I got my personal 'wow' factor (which means I HAVE to have this game) long before the demo ended.  Even without it, I would be purchasing it.  It's just THAT good.  


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