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Shrouded Tales: Revenge of Shadows Collector's Edition

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The Old Gang Returns

I beta-tested this game, but (surprise) my comments did not make to the main game page.

Full disclosure:
I generally don't like games with amulets, portals, powers, or shadow worlds, etc. So feel free to stop reading now. However, I realize that many players do like these type games, so here goes.

Setting: You are Veronica, daughter of Elizabeth and one of the Barons of Havenwick. You earned this status in the first episode (but if you haven't played that one, never fear, there is a recap near the beginning). The Barons have sworn to use their powers only for good, but they are opposed by the Master of Shadows. Baron Archie received a garbled distress call from one of the other worlds and you are sent to investigate.

So right away I have to ask. We have Archie, Veronica and Elizabeth (Betty). Do we later meet Baron Reggie and Baron Jughead?

Game play involves using a few devices. First, your amulet has several powers, i.e., fix broken items, fire, electrical charge, make plants grow. You will use them many times - in fact there is an achievement for restoring 15 broken items. Second, there are special stones which change your current location to the "shadow world." You will go back and forth many times between the two worlds. This got very tedious for me long before the trial ended, but your tastes may differ.

Hidden object puzzles (HOPs) were very easy to complete. The first one is fragmented and it is embarrassingly easy. The ones that follow are a little better, standard list type and requiring some interaction. Mini games started out good, but unfortunately you repeat one puzzle over and over with a slight twist each time as you recharge your amulet. More variety here would have made this a much better game.

Difficulty - the developer only provides three levels, no Custom, just as in the first of the series. To eliminate sparkles you must choose the hardest setting.

I experienced a long delay between scenes and after cut scenes. I play a lot of games and I rarely see that.

CE Extras: Bonus level, strategy guide, replay of HOPs (17) and mini games (20) and 20 achievements. There is a sky tram, and an achievement for using it 7 times.

This isn't my style and I won't be buying it, but I hope this helps you make up your mind either way. I think I still have the single of "Sugar Sugar" I can listen to until the next game. Laughing BTW, who do you like, Betty or Veronica?

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