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2D Mahjong Temple

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1 2D Mahjong Temple on Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:43 pm


2D Mahjong Temple

There IS a storyline .... of sorts.

Graphics were ok. straight-face Music was nice. music There were NO voice overs. So, I ultimately turned everything down.

There are 2 modes of play: Relaxed (which is NOT timed) and Story (which is timed).

There are NO bonuses or aides to help you along the way. straight-face There are also NO hindrances. straight-face Run into a wall? Game Over! scared1 Can't make a move? Game Over! scared1 Take too long to make a move? Game Over! scared1 I was having 'GAME OVER' slammed (metaphorically) in my face before I even KNEW I had a game over! scared1 Look at the game board wrong? Game Over! scared1 Ok. There is NO such thing as 'game over' for looking at the game board wrong .... but .... you get my drift. straight-face Game Over!!!! dizzy

The tiles are none that I've ever seen before. silly Certainly NOT the customary tiles. Nor can you change them. There is NO tutorial so I wouldn't recommend this for people who have never played this genre of game before. sad1

I did play all the way through the demo smile1 .... as painful as that was sad1 .... and the game play never got any better. silly It is definitely NOT a purchase for me, but for those who are looking for something a LOT different than the usual ..................

GAME OVER! scared1

Just kidding ................ winking2


Overall Impression:  No.  No.  Oh .... and .... No.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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