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New York Mysteries: High Voltage

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1 New York Mysteries: High Voltage on Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:21 pm


New York Mysteries:  High Voltage

Based on the CE, SE and Beta demos

The Mystery Lies in the HOGs

A prisoner is being walked to his final destination ....... the electric chair.  scared1 He's strapped in ...... the lever is pulled ....... lightning strikes ................ a flash of light!   scared1 The prisoner is gone scared1 ..... NOT just dead gone ....... but GONE gone!  scared1 Nothing left but his clothes. dizzy

Graphics - a bit heavy with the gold/orange crayon - sigh.  Voice overs were done very well as were the sound fx.

Difficulties:  Easy, Medium, Hard - NO 'custom'.

HOGs - I had an extremely difficult time playing them.  angry1 They were interactive silhouettes, however, the silhouette was black against black so I couldn't even SEE what I was looking for!  angry1 NO alternative game to play.  Mini Games were fun yet very easy.

Diary:  Has lots of info so please read often.  A transportable map which, if you should choose in the 'Difficulties', can show where the 'beyond objects' and ' collectibles' are located.

LOTS of CE Bling:   smile1
TONS of fun!  Music, puzzles, bonus game and ...............
*   A 'collection' which includes:
     *  7 cats, 11 Statues of Liberty, 8 towers (I think that's what they were - lol) and 7 balls and chains.
*   35 Beyond Objects (morphing objects)
*   20 Diascopes (for us 'oldies', these are 'slides')

Your character (a female) has only recently begun working for a 'secret society' that assists police with not so ordinary cases.

If not for the problem with the HOGs, sad1 I would have given this game a SOLID 5 STARS. star1   Unfortunately, I had to take a star away for that reason.  How am I supposed to find something ..... I ..... can't ..... see?  It really took away from the game play for me.  I have really been on the fence about whether to purchase it or not (CE OR SE).  If that problem didn't exist, this would definitely be a CE purchase for me. straight-face

There's something afoot here.  Is it paranormal ...... or the work of mirrors, magic or some other sleight of hand????  confused2 There's only 1 way to find out ......................so, maybe I'll see you on the flip side!

ENJOY! smile1

Overall Impression:  As I mentioned above ..... if not for the impossible play of the HOGs, this would be a DEFINITE CE purchase for me.  Sigh.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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