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1OYE VEY!!! FEY-FEY!!!! Empty Re: OYE VEY!!! FEY-FEY!!!! on Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:53 pm


That's rough freyasmom. Curtain panels can be so expensive to replace, not to mention your bag.

Does little freyas have a permanent tooth coming in? Most pups should have all of their permanent teeth by 7 months give or take.

All I can suggest is a bone so she can gnaw on it. Also, a stuffed animal that she can chew up is good too. (Watch ones with little squeakers and eyes that can be choked on). When I had a dog I would buy him little stuffed toys and keep telling him that this was Pepper's toy over and over again and he would understand and not chew up any other stuff, but his own toys.

2OYE VEY!!! FEY-FEY!!!! Empty OYE VEY!!! FEY-FEY!!!! on Fri Jan 09, 2015 10:57 am


affraid OH NO!  FEY-FEY!!!! affraid  

What am I going to DO?????!!!!!?????

Now, that she's safely OUT of being in heat (A MISERABLE 28 days .... for ME!) .... she's being .................. ARGH!!!!!!! Evil or Very Mad

She's about 7 months old now and not a very big doggie.  I'm 5'5" and on all 4 paws, she barely comes to my knee but she is "long-ish" IMO.  Anyway, she's ALWAYS been easy to train ...... smart ..... catches on soooo quickly! cheers   But, the past 2-3 days ......... OOOOOOHHHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!

She likes to sit on the windowsill (like a cat) or on the top, back of the chair up against the window in the living room.  The other day she DESTROYED one of my drape panels.  CHEWED HUGE patches out of 1 panel! Shocked   THEN, hours later, in a matter of maybe 20 minutes, she totally DESTROYED the handles on my all-time, BEST in my LIFE, B. Makowsky TOTE!!!!!!  Beautiful shiny black LEATHER (yes, REAL leather) with a darkish pink INSIDE!!  THAT bag cost me OVER $400 6 years ago!!!!    Evil or Very Mad Mad Mad
She definitely got punished.  What did she JUST DO?????  CHEWING ANOTHER PANEL!!!!!!  FEY-FEY!!!  What am I going to do with you????

ANY ideas or suggestions would be sooooooooooo appreciated.

Maybe she wanted "peep holes" so she doesn't have to maneuver around the drapes to get to the windowsill? Question Question



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