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Hi to you all

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1Hi to you all Empty Hi to you all on Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:29 pm


After asking for a place for new members I thought I should finally introduce myself.

Thanks for the nice welcome. Here a few things about me.

I'm 45 years old, single mom of a 20 year old son and from Germany. 
I love to talk to people from different countries. Sadly there seem to be not many forums where you can talk about stuff without it getting personal and insulting, so I'm not really active anymore. But I like it here and I'm kinda excited to start again here.
I'm a freelancer and work too much, smoke too much and drink way too much coffee but how else do you stay awake big-grin
I like football (soccer not american football, I will never understand that game confused2 ), I like rock music, preferably Alternative, although I listen to almost everything according to my mood. I prefer handiwork over cooking. I actually did a training/apprenticeship (don't know which is wright, sorry) as a car mechanic that lasted 3,5 years, because I couldn't afford a working car and needed to know, how to get mine to work. It was fun but sadly too heavy for my joints so I had to stop sad1 . I love creepy stuff (books, games, movies). I had cats my whole life until two years ago when I had to put my last one down due to cancer. Her highness was really special so I can't bring myself to get a new one. I still miss that big, grumpy lady  crying2.

That's it for now. I look forward to writing with you all. 

Have a nice day  goodbye

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