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Haunted Train: Frozen in Time

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1Haunted Train:  Frozen in Time Empty Haunted Train: Frozen in Time on Fri Jun 12, 2015 1:57 pm


Haunted Train:  Frozen in Time

Based on both the SE and CE demos.

A dark-cloaked figure (Katherine) turns on her partner in crime (Slyboots) scared1 at the last moment before not-talking .......... well ............. THAT'S where the story begins. winking2

Graphics:  Done well but felt a little "off". 
Music:  music2 WOW! You had me at the music before the game play even began.  music2 Haunting, suspenseful.  It made me WANT to play the game.
Sound fx: Done quite well as you could hear the slighest noise in the background.
Voice Overs:  True to form ..... the perfect tone and pitch for every character and in every situation.  Even though the actual characters were a bit "stiff", their voice overs were excellent.

4 Difficulty settings:  Casual, Advanced, Hard and Custom (hint recharge and skip could go down as far as zero (0).  WOW!   laughing1 No wait for skip OR recharge?!?!  happy dance1 I don't think I've seen THAT before.

You are armed with a transportable map (the hint button also teleports) and a Chronometer that can freeze/unfreeze time (a mini game in itself every time it's used) smile1 .  There are also 10 birds to find.

HOGs (hidden object games) - 20 - slightly interactive lists.  Nothing really special.  No alternative game.
Mini Games - 22 - quite fun, not terribly difficult.  Some new techniques to old favorites.

CE Bling:

I didn't see any "bonus game" or "strategy guide" in the "Extras" section confused2 but I'm sure when the main game is finished it will show up.  straight-face I think.  thinking1 I hope.  :glasses 2:

Besides music and wallpapers, there are:

*   47 collectibles pieces (butterflies?)
*   17 Morphings Objects

I felt this was not a standalone game.  straight-face While there was a brief synopsis of the previous game, I still felt I was at a disadvantage for not playing it.  sad1 (I own it - It's just in the dungeon of unplayed games.)   I think every level of expertise will enjoy the game.  Is it CE-worthy?  IMO, yes.  But, a bonus game, collectibles AND morphing objects gets me every time big-grin .

Olivia has gone in search of her love I love you , Daniel.  To rescue him from the clutches of Katherine and Slyboots.  Are you up to the task of helping?  Question Question Question If so,

ENJOY! smile1

Overall Impression:  I think either the SE or CE would make an excellent addition to anyone's game collection.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Haunted Train:  Frozen in Time Devil-smiley-029

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