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Haunted Legends: The Dark Wishes

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1Haunted Legends:  The Dark Wishes Empty Haunted Legends: The Dark Wishes on Wed Jun 10, 2015 2:23 pm


Haunted Legends:  The Dark Wishes

Based on both the CE and SE demos.

Roberto and Lucia are to be married in Florence.  But, they are in danger scared1 and have, therefore, called upon their friend, your character, a Professor and Mage, to help them.

The graphics were amazing --- even with the over-use of golds and browns.  Voice overs were down very well except for Lucia's voice. sad1   It reminded me of what a doll sounds like when you pull the string.  Hello, my name is Lucia and I love you.  NO!  laughing1 She doesn't REALLY say that!   :rolling funny Sound FX were....OMGosh!  Crickets, a cat cat2 meowing and a dog dog barking off screen ..... just amazing.  Music were very unobtrusive.    DEFINITELY play with the sound on. music2

4 modes of difficulty, including 'custom'.

You are armed with the customary transportable map .... took me a bit to figure it out .... doh!  Gaah! A task list, a Magic Orb which aborbs energy threads and a Magic Shield which protects precious gems.

HOGs (hidden object games) -- You have to find items to put into the 'inventory list' of the HOG but the area where you put them is so black on black (shadowed) and I had a LOT of difficulty even seeing them.  BangingHead I initially

thought - WHAT!  scared1 There's nothing there!!  scared1 There's also NO instruction explaining that to you. scared1   Once you place these items, the actual 'item list' shows up.  Not very interactive.

Mini Games:  So much fun!!!!  smile1 Some new.  Some a bit difficult.  You had a choice of playing them on 'casual' or 'hard'.

CE Bling:
Besides the customary wallpapers, music, replayable games, etc., there are
* 14 collectible bird statues

That's it. straight-face

The EVIL DWARF is b-a-c-k and wreaking more havoc! scared1

I LOVE the Magic Boar!  laughing1 FIND HIM to experience a great smile!  big-grin You have to touch ...... nah ..... not-talking it's more fun when you figure it out! big-grin

I fell in love with this demo. love   I loved it even more hart4 when I played the 2nd demo.  The storyline is amazing and all the characters really draw you in.  I highly recommend it for all expertise levels.  This is a DEFINITE purchase for me.  I would have preferred the SE as the CE Bling isn't really CE-worthy.  However, I had a lot of problems with the SE.

Join me in foiling the Dwarf's havoc and rescuing Roberto and Lucia and, as always ....


Overall Impression:  LOVED the storyline and how some of the characters really draw you in.  Click on non-game relevant characters and hear their sometimes snarky comments - lol.  Definitely NOT CE-worthy IMO.  Unfortunately, I had so many problems with the SE I'm forced to get the CE. sad1

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Haunted Legends:  The Dark Wishes Devil-smiley-029

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