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Frankenstein's Legacy: Frozen in Ice

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1 Frankenstein's Legacy: Frozen in Ice on Mon Jun 08, 2015 10:01 am


Frankenstein's Legacy:  Imprisoned in Ice


Your character's father has made an incredible find. smile1   It could change the world.  scared1 Will he live long enough to share it?  not-talking A black fog followed by a black cloaked ----- man(?) walks into his room, looks at him with electric blue eyes (literally 'electric blue' - lol) and ................ scared1

There are only 2 modes of difficulty - casual and hard.  Yep. straight-face 2.  straight-face That's it. straight-face

Graphics leave a lot to be desired.  Voice overs aren't THAT bad and special effects are ..... loud!  music The sound of the wind ..... instead of a nice brush through the woods was a train wreck explosion!  scared1 And it just - would - not - stop. Evil or Very Mad

I really can't go on much from here.  This beta was FULL of problems. loser

HOGs (hidden object games) - I don't even remember playing any so they must not have made much of an impact. sad1

Mini Games:  Too easy. yawn

*  The transportable map didn't work. confused2
*  Way too much back and forthing. sleeping2
*  No instructions for the mini games scared1
*  The "Inventory" would not stay locked, even though I locked it .... over .... and over ..... and over again. angry1
*  I THINK there were 'ice owls' to find but I only found one (don't know how many to find or if they are Morphing Objects") lightbulb2

This is definitely not a purchase for me, unless the DEVS redo the entire game.  It's a shame, actually, because THIS Farnkenstein story is NOT the one you are used to hearing.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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