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Travel Riddles: Trip to Italy

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1 Travel Riddles: Trip to Italy on Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:58 am


Travel Riddles:  Trip to Italy

Yes, this is a Match 3 game (M3) and I LOVE a GOOD M3.  smile1 Unfortunately, THIS is far from "good". sad1

Graphics were .... ok.  I felt the tiles were too small, thus making the items on them too small nerd .  Music music was quite lively.  Best part of the game!  No voiceovers.

2 modes of difficulty:  timed or relaxed.  You could only have 1 profile at a time - that I could tell. scared1   So, if your friend, relative, etc. wanted to play, YOUR profile would be deleted.  scared1 After ALL that hard work! scared1

There is a tutorial AFTER each level but it does a very poor job of explaining things.  thumbsdown For instance, HOW, exactly, do we earn the gold stars? (You can earn up to 3 star1 per level.

I figured out myself that there are pieces of a 'relic', 'artifact', etc. that we have to get  down the bottom of the game screen.  We also have to get "x" number of items.  For instance, 12 pieces of grass, etc. to pass the level.  You DO NOT earn any bonuses for matches of 4 or more sad1 - that I could tell. There is a "shop" but I was never directed there.

No storyline, no helpful tutorial, no entertainment value, no "Italian" anything.  NO purchase for me (figured I'd keep the 'no'  pattern going big-grin ).  I definitely DO NOT recommend this game for beginners because of the poor tutorial.  

It's actually quite a boring yawn game and I was so glad when the demo ended.  I'll be closer to Italy eating spaghetti for dinner tonight!  It just wasn't for me. sad1

Overall Impression:  Only play the demo if you have an hour with nothing else to do.  Run, don't walk, away from this game.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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