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New York Mysteries: High Voltage Collector's Edition

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Setting: in 1959 a man was convicted and sentenced to death for several murders. However, after he is strapped into the electric chair to die, something unusual happens. Fast-forward five years later (that's 1964) and as a member of a secret investigative organization, you have been assigned to look into a current series of strange murders in NYC.

The scenes have a slightly grainy appearance which suits the time period and location. As others have noted, there are a lot of inconsistencies in terms of the time period which detracts a little from the story because it is presented as a realistic murder mystery - albeit with a supernatural twist. Cut scenes are exceptionally good, and character animation is excellent. Voices are good as well.

There are no hidden object scenes - that's right. There are 21 mini-games and 7 puzzles, but no traditional HO's. Though I like HO's, I found the mini-games and puzzles interesting enough even though they were not too challenging. Directions are clear. There is a journal and a task list. There is also a primitive diascope for which you will collect 20 slides. There is a transportable map, which also has indicators for tasks (this can be turned off) and the collectible extras.

CE Extras are 35 collectible items (there are four types) as well as 35 beyond (morphing) objects. There is a Strategy guide (upper left of screen), Bonus Level and the usual array of other stuff like wallpapers and music (pseudos).

After playing the demo I said to myself, "Finally! A game worth reviewing." Little more is revealed about the story during the demo, but the play still kept me interested. Although the cursor changes when you hover, the collectibles are not easy to find.. There are a lot of locations and a fair number of things to keep your mind engaged.

High Voltage should deliver the "juice" for just about any level of player. You won't have to be in a New York state of mind to enjoy this.

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