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Contract with the Devil

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1 Contract with the Devil on Tue Jun 02, 2015 5:28 pm


Contract with the Devil

Sonya (your character) gets a letter, quite late at night, regarding her daughter, Lisa.  She rushes to the mansion of John McGraw who unveils a mirror.  Suddenly, both her daughter AND John McGraw are pulled into the mirror's vortex.  scared1 What is a mother to do?  confused2 Jump in after! scared1

The graphics are very grainy and one-dimensional. sad1   I turned the music down.  music NO voice overs!!!!  scared1 WHAT???!!!???  scared1 That's right.  NO voice overs ..... except .......... for the boggart Shocked named Browne who speaks ................ gibberish no one can understand. straight-face

You get a diary that holds "thoughts and facts" about the game.  The tutorial is called "Study" confused2 .  NO map.  loser At all.

HOGs (hidden object games) were simple lists.  I didn't see a "skip" button for the awful mini games but that's just me. smug   It could have been there and I didn't see it.  nerd There is a multiple click penalty in the form of clouds/fog (which looks more like cigarette smoke). dead   The "hint" button takes forever and a day to recharge and keeps taking you back to a place you don't want  to  be.  Add to that, the grammar is hideous.  loser No other for it ..... tremendously hideous.

I'm sure you can't imagine why I wouldn't just rush out and purchase this game but, alas, it just wasn't for me.  sad1 From boggart-only language to grammar I couldn't understand (how do I find items in the HOGs?) to a storyline lacking any substance and, yes, I failed to prevail and learn to like this game.  Obviously, not a purchase for me. sad1 

Overall Impression:  Pass.  Run ..... do not walk ... away from this game.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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