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Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting CE

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1 Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting CE on Mon Jun 01, 2015 7:22 pm


Midnight Mysteries:  Ghostwriting CE

Based on CE Only.

Well. confused2   Hmmm.   thinking1 I guess I just need to ruminate on this further.

In the early 19th century, as your character is going through his mail, he comes across a missive from his good friend, Washington Irving, pleading for help.  He fears for his very life.

When setting up your profile on the "menu" page, your name doesn't quite come up in lights, but having it typed on the typewriter is pretty cool too. smile1

The music music2 was very haunting.  Orchestral.  Beautiful.  Graphics were done very well.  Voice overs were good - lip syncing matched the words, great accents.

4 Difficulties:  Casual, Advanced, Expert, Custom.  Casual seemed a better option than "custom".  IMO. straight-face 

You are armed with a diary/journal to hold notes, and a transportable map.  The "hint" button does not transport you.  

You DO have a "helper" in the form of a Raven who just sits there, unobtrusive (you almost forget it's even there until you need it), just ... being a raven. straight-face

HOGs (hidden object games) - list and silhouette type that are slightly interactive.

Mini Games ranged from easy to a bit difficult.  But, who can resist a good challenge??? winking2 

CE Bling: star1

In addition to the customary fare, we  have the following:
* Back Story  - You CAN unlock it prior to playing the main game, but are warned that the plot could be disclosed.
*  Tic Tac Toe - 50 (???)
*  Find 56 four-leaf clovers.  They are in the HOGs as well as the game.
*   Raven coins - used to purchase items for your Raven helper's abode.

While an interesting story line ...... ghosts ghost traveling through books, authors disliking their endings (but WHICH ending?  the stories or theirs?  confused2 ) and all sorts of mischief that doesn't seem to tie into the story at all straight-face .... I'm just ..... not ...... sure ..... if it's for me!  dizzy I'm missing that "WOW" factor.  scared1 That "NO! THE DEMO CAN'T BE OVER!" scared1 factor.  Even so, 'something' pulls me towards purchasing at least the SE.

Join me in the ghostly escapades of some of fiction's greatest authors!  smile1

Oh, and let's NOT forget ..... who would want to miss Ghostwriting:  The Musical?  smug Yes, at least 1 character .............. sings! laughing1

ENJOY! smile1 

Overall Impression:  Unless the bonus story packs a big punch or is necessary to the ending of the main story, I think the SE would work just fine.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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