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Alpha Listing of CE vs SE reviews

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1 Alpha Listing of CE vs SE reviews on Tue May 26, 2015 12:56 pm


Hi all!  goodbye

Here is where you will find an alphabetical list of all the demo/game reviews posted.  If more than 1 review has been posted for a game, I will denote the number in (*) after the game name.

I do encourage everyone to post their reviews, comments, thoughts, etc.  


Demos/Games A - E

Amaranthine Voyage:  The Obsidian Book CE/SE
Amaranthine Voyage:  The Orb of Purity CE/Beta

Beyond:  Light Advent:  CE/SE/Beta

Cadenza:  The Kiss of Death CE/SE
Chimeras:  The Signs of Prophecy  Beta/CE/SE

Danse Macabre:  Thin Ice CE/SE/beta
Dark Dimensions:  Shadow Pirouette CE/SE
Dark Parables:  Queen of Sands CE/SE
Dark Realm:  Princess of Ice (CE/beta)

Dark Tales:  Edgar Allen Poe's The Telltale Heart (CE)

Demos/Games F - K

Final Cut:  Fame Fatale CE/SE/Beta

Grim Facade:  Hidden Sins (CE/SE/Beta)

Haunted Hotel:  Phoenix CE
Haunted Train:  Frozen in Time CE/SE

House of 1000 Doors:  Evil Inside CE/SE

Demos/Games L - Q

Living Legends:  Wrath of the Beast CE/SE
Lost Lands: The Four Horsemen CE/SE

Midnight Mysteries:  Ghostwriting
Mystery Tales:  The Twilight World CE/SE
Mystery Trackers:  Alaskan Wild
Mystery Trackers: Knightsville Terror CE/SE

Myths of the World:  The Heart of Desolation CE/SE
Myths of the World:  The Whispering Marsh CE/SE

New York Mysteries:  High Voltage (CE, SE and Beta demos)

Off the Record:  the Final Interview CE/SE
Ominous Objects:  Phantom Reflection

Queens Tales:  Sins of the Past

Demos/Games R - V

Reveries:  Soul Collector
Rite of Passage:  The Lost Tides CE/SE

Shrouded Tales:  Revenge of Shadows (CE/SE)
Subliminal Realms:  The Masterpiece
(CE/SE) See Review by Steve_San too!
Surface:  Alone in the Mist (CE/SE)

The Secret Order:  Beyond Time  CE/SE
Tibetan Quest:  Beyond the World's End  CE/SE
Twilight Phenomena:  The Incredible Show

Demos/Games W - Z

Whispered Secrets:  Golden Silence

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