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The Secret Order: Beyond Time

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1The Secret Order:  Beyond Time Empty The Secret Order: Beyond Time on Tue May 26, 2015 12:41 pm


The Secret Order:  Beyond Time

Based on both the CE and SE demos.

Sarah Pennington (your character) has been working for the Secret Order for some time, often against the Dragon Clan, and ending up back in time ..... where she is now ...... trapped. scared1

The VERY FIRST impression I got when the game opened for play was .............. NO!  OMGosh NO!!!!  TOO MUCH ORANGE and GOLD!!!!!  Yes, over-use of those "crayons" needs to stop.  It actually hurt my eyes so
much I wasn't sure if I could continue the demo ..... but, I prevailed (YAY ME) cheering ..... and here are my notes. smug

Graphics - obviously I had a problem with the colors used but, other than that, the graphics were amazing, right down to the ittiest, bittiest crack or line or imprint.  Amazing.  Voice overs - not many but quite well done, as
were the sound fx - I could here a cat purr, clinking of metal.  Yep.  Amazing.  You could almost close your eyes and feel surrounded by the tiniest of sounds you would hear in "real" life.

Difficulty:  Casual, Advanced, Expert ---- no "custom" here. yawn

Your diary shows "Objectives" only.  I did not see "notes" or "clues".   Just "Objectives".  I did read where another reviewer mentioned "notes".  confused2 I didn't see it myself.  The transportable map is very clear as to where to

go and where you are.  Some maps can get muddled giving too much useless info.

You have to find ..... something not-talking (sorry, but I can't give EVERYTHING away big-grin ) to activate the "hint" button.   Yes, even on the "Casual" setting.

HOGs (hidden object games) were mostly list type, sometimes very interactive.  There is an alternate Mahjong game if you prefer.  Mini Games - fun, new, fresh ideas.  Some required P&P (Patience and Perseverance sacred1 ).  There were definitely more Mini Games than HOGs.

Ultimately, you will get a "helper".  cat2 dog clown1 banana when pig fly Godzilla DancingHippo Not one we've seen before in ANY "helper" games from ANY Dev, including this one.  Please.  If you DO play the demo ......... is it anatomically correct?  There's a bit of bright neon green
where .... well...... you DO cover it up ..... but .....  do YOU see it?????  It really took me aback!  Your "helper" will gain 4 special powers (2 were found in the demo).  They DO come in handy and, no, not-talking I am NOT going to tell you what they are.  Just that they are very handy.

CE Bling: star1

Aside from the usual Bonus Game, Strategy Guide (which shows 6 chapters), etc., there are ....

*  30 collectible masks (1 was a jaguar, 1 a crocodile, and they were found by accident).  They certainly DO NOT stand out right in your face.

I have played "Secret Order" games before, I think.  confused2 At least 1?  thinking1 I don't think I played the one before this.  confused2 Or, I may have played the demo thinking1 but, at this writing, am not sure if it's in my "dungeon of unplayed games" or not.  silly In any  case, several references were made to the previous game(s) .... so this might NOT be a standalone.   I know I was confused by several statements made ("Sarah, I am not your father". scared1   Shades of Darth Vader!! scared1 ). 

Will I rush out to purchase the previous game if I don't already own it?  Very unlikely. Mad Will I even purchase this one?  Rolling Eyes Maybe the SE but definitely NOT the CE, unless I read any reviews that state the Bonus Game is necessary to complete the main story.  pig1 (I dislike when Devs put the actual ending of a story in the Bonus Game, thereby forcing us to purchase the CE loser ).  If I can get past the crayon usage (see "Graphics" above) AND the terrible lag between scenes (like looking at

a black screen much?), I might purchase the SE.  I LOVE love the Egyptian era and would probably purchase the SE based solely on that.  I would recommend it for any level of experience.

What's next in Sarah Pennington's race to get back to her "real" time?  clock Join me and let's fly away in our ship (yes, FLY in a ship) to yet another adventure! balloon


Overall Impression: After playing the SE, I found I truly enjoyed the game.  If I have a coupon handy, I'll likely get it.  Otherwise, nah. There is not enough CE Bling to warrant using a coupon, credits or hard-earned CASH!  Could be BOGO worthy. 
The slow lag appears only in the CE. 

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?The Secret Order:  Beyond Time Devil-smiley-029

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