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1Oh - Fey Fey Empty Oh - Fey Fey on Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:11 pm


Am on flexeril which puts me to sleep  Sleep and makes me reeeeeeeeaaally tired  Sleep  before and after I sleep.  Using BenGay (when someone's around to do my back) on my neck and avoiding the flexeril until much later in the day. It's not too bad (the whiplash) until I walk a bit too long. Neutral

How did I get whiplash????  Question    Um.... Freya (my furbaby) gets aaaalllllllllllllllllll excited  bounce  when my son gets home from the grocery store run.  Like ..... OMG HE'S BEEN GONE FOREVER I HAVE TO GET TO HIM NOOWWWWWWWWWW! bounce  bounce  bounce   excited.  Normally, she just runs out the open door, jumps around him and follows him back to the house ..... back to the car ...... back to the house.  bounce  bounce  bounce   I have no probs with this.  BUT, she's at the end of being in heat and I won't let her out without the leash.  I (stress the "I") thought he'd be getting right out of the car Neutral  ..... so I put Freya on the leash and out the door we go ...........................yeah.  cyclops

NOTE:  Freya, at about 7 months, maaaybeeee comes to my knee - her head - when she stands.   Neutral I'm 5'5* so she's NOT a big dog AT ALL.  

Well, HE DID NOT get out of the car  Evil or Very Mad (how was I supposed to know he was on the fon) and she PULLED me so hard down the walkway to the car bounce  bounce  bounce  I almost fell over on my face.  Shocked  I must have "snapped" when she started pulling because ................. I got..................whiplash!  Crying or Very sad  I'm being YANKED by this little dog  bounce  bounce  bounce down the concrete walkway Arrow  to the car and I'm SCREAMING at the top of my lungs .... HELP HELP HELPMEEEEEE!!!!!  Because, I'm going to TOPPLE onto my FACE on the CONCRETE! Shocked   Does my son rush out of the car to help????  Question OF COURSE NOT! Mad   He got a new fancy dancy fon (ugh and grrrr Evil or Very Mad ) with a free tablet, was having an issue and was on the fon trying to resolve it.  NOOOOOOOOOO!   Evil or Very Mad Say "I'm sorry, emergency, gotta go will call u right back",  and RUSH to help your MOTHER  queen who supports you 100% because you are an unambitious .... blah ba dee blah blah blah blah bleep! Twisted Evil

And that's how I got whiplash. Neutral


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