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Demon Archive: The Adventures of Derek

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1 Demon Archive: The Adventures of Derek on Mon May 25, 2015 2:59 pm


Demons, Derek, and Dark

Today is Memorial Day in the USA. For all who served in the armed forces, I want to thank you for your service. I also want to pass my heartfelt condolences to all whose loved ones were lost while serving.

Setting: 18th century France - except the newspapers are printed in English and the citizens speak with British and American accents. Count Anthony disappeared a week ago after going to see Priest Thomas about writing a book. The Count's 's sister Melissa has asked you, detective Derek, to find him.

The artwork is done in a two dimensional style, fairly flat and not too detailed. The palette is very dark, utilizing a lot of dark blues with an occasional brown.The voices are fairly good except that the accents do not fit the setting. The text shows on screen, but instead of "Continue..." it says "Skip" so I suggest not clicking if you want to hear everything. Music consists mostly of a four note sequence repeating over and over.

There are only 2 difficultly levels.  During the demo, there were a few simple picture puzzles to rearrange, and 2-3 other symbol puzzles which, while lacking clear instructions, were likewise very simple to solve. There were 4-5 HOs, some of which required mild interaction but otherwise were very straightforward. The dark palette adds some difficulty, but not much.

I am using Windows. Before the game opened, a window popped up where I could set the game's resolution, including a check box for Windowed play. I set the resolution to the maximum (1600 x 1200) and unchecked Windowed and the game played in full screen.

This game bears the hallmarks of a new developer. There are numerous misspellings (i.e., scissor and plier) and Melissa is sometimes rendered Merlissa. Also, using an object requires clicking and holding with the mouse and there is no indicator for "plus" items.  There is a journal but no map, and there is quite a bit of backtracking.

There are occult and religious themes explored by the story line. During the demo, a pentagram symbol is shown on the floor alongside a cross with a snake wrapped around it.

I found nothing that would compel me to purchase this game. The play is dated, the story is derivative and the quality is deficient.

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