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PuppetShow: The Price of Immortality

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PuppetShow:  The Price of Immortality

Based on both the SE and CE demos.

CE Bling:

The usual wallpapers, music, etc.  I did not see a reference to a Strategy Guide OR a Bonus Game smug .... but I DID read 2 reviews.  One referenced both the Bonus Game AND the Strategy Guide while the other mentioned the Bonus Game was a necessary evil ....... because THAT'S where the game actually ended.  straight-face When I read that, I was a little perturbed because I felt obligated to purchase the CE.  loser Who wants to play an unfinished game?  crying1 But, to my great surprise, when I played the SE demo, I missed all the extra dolls I found in the CE!  big-grin Go figure. smile1

So, in the CE there are also:

*  11 dolls to locate throughout the game.  I read elsewhere we can upgrade them.
*   Tokens/coins to find throughout the game.  I read that these are used to upgrade the found dolls/puppets.
*   A Doll House.  You got it! lightbulb2   That's where our dolls go to live. big-grin

As mentioned above, I played both the SE and the CE demos.  I DEFINITELY got my personal "wow" factor when the SE ended.  scared1 The "WHAT?????  scared1 I want MORE!  scared1 I HAVE to buy it NOW!" scared1 factor. lol.  Also, I played the SE AFTER the CE and I missed all the little doll features in the CE which really surprised me. crying2

The CE is a DEFINITE purchase for me. winking2   I just can't get over how much I missed finding those dolls!


Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?PuppetShow:  The Price of Immortality Devil-smiley-029

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