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Ominous Objects: Phantom Reflection

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1 Ominous Objects: Phantom Reflection on Fri May 15, 2015 6:20 pm


Ominous Objects:  Phantom Reflection

Based on both the SE and CE demos.

An antique mirror, formerly owned by Albert Mort, has been auctioned off and disaster strikes the Buyer.  scared1    Your character, Leia Godford (sp?), is a Detective specializing in Ominous Objects and investigating what happened. nerd

Difficulty:  Casual, Advanced, Hard and Custom (where I can manipulate the "hint" and "Skip" buttons down to  ........ 1 second!). scared1

The graphics were very well done, although not as great as some games that have come out recently.  The music suited each room/scene perfectly.  music Voice overs were done very well.  Each character had a very specific tone and style of speaking and your character talks/narrates the entire time so ... not a ton of reading necessary.  smug What I disliked ... quite a lot actually ..... was that the .................. lips ............................ never moved.  Nor did any other part of the face.  YOU try talking without moving anything on your face. I couldn't do it ...... I tried.  laughing1 

HOGs (hidden object games) were list type with AND without interaction, as well as silhouettes.  You can play an alternate Match 3 game instead.  The mini games were a breath of fresh air. 

Yes, there is a helper.  cat2 Your character's cat ..... Mr. Jenkins, cat2 gets into areas that your character can't.   Actually, in some "iffy" places I wouldn't send MY cat ..... if I owned one.  sad1 There is a diary, of sorts, that has

tabs for "Task" and "Kitty Playroom".  The SE has a "movie" tab that wasn't on the CE.  confused2 Hmmmm.  thinking1 Special Goggles, nerd which allow you to see "distortions" in several colors.  This was, at times, very frustrating.  You choose a color of lens, then move the "shadow" inside the lens to land on the "real" parts.  Then, the everything snaps into place and, voila!  You have a task to perform!  big-grin The map is very basic and transportable.  As is the "hint" button.

CE Bling:

Other than the usual fare, I really didn't find anything to make this CE worthy in my book.

*   Game - Dots (?)
*   Developer's Diary (basically showing 17 pics of them working)
*   Cat Room - find coins during the game and use them to decorate Mr. Jenkins' room.

No collectibles (except the coins), no Morphing Objects, nothing to make this CE special. sad1

I have to admit to falling asleep a few times.  straight-face sad1 yawn sleeping2 That could either indicate I was very tired (at 9 am) OR the story didn't grab my attention.  In fact, I really was bored at times.  I would recommend this for any

experience level because "custom" does allow for some "finagling" of what you can/can't do.  If I DO purchase this game, it will be the SE.  IMO, this game is sadly lacking in "CE Bling".

For those who are brave enough to get close to this exploding mirrors .....................


Overall:  Very lacking in the CE department.  I would wait for the SE if you just HAVE to have the game.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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