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Living Legends: Wrath of the Beast

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1 Living Legends: Wrath of the Beast on Mon May 11, 2015 9:22 am


Living Legends:  Wrath of the Beast

Based on both the SE and CE demos.

CE Bling:
Sadly lacking.  VERY sadly lacking.  There are the usual plethora of wallpapers, replayable games, music, etc.  In addition there are:

*  34 Collectible Runes.  I believe they do morph.  The "collectibles" area on the Home Page of the game (or the "menu" page) indicates that as you collect a certain number of runes, a story opens.  That would be ...... 3, 8, 16, 25 and 34 runes, respectively.

That's it.  That's all.

This game is a standalone game so you do not need to have played the previous games in the series.  Although I do recommend that you try the demo, the CE will not be a purchase for me.  I like collectibles, morphing objects ..... STUFF ........... and am not really into the wallpapers, etc.  I MAY get the SE.

Overall Impression:  Due to the confusion of the storyline (see "Demo Reviews") and the lack of CE Bling, getting the SE would make more sense than the CE.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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