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Hosue of 1000 Doors: Evil Inside

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1Hosue of 1000 Doors:  Evil Inside Empty Hosue of 1000 Doors: Evil Inside on Sun May 10, 2015 11:15 am


Based on both the SE and CE demos .... of course. smile1

CE Bling:

I think this area was a bit lacking.  Yes, you are inundated with the usual wallpapers, music, making of, etc.  Here are the "extras" I look out for:

*   Find 48 evil faces.  I found these terribly difficult to find. But  then, I also forgot about them BECAUSE they were not staring me in the face ... so to speak.  You must find at least 1 Evil Face or finish the Bonus Game to unlock the Evil Hunt mode.  Hmmmm.  Hosue of 1000 Doors:  Evil Inside ConfusedAlso, on the Inventory bar there is a grayish teeny tiny eye (?) which will light up when  you've found the Evil Eye in your playing area.Hosue of 1000 Doors:  Evil Inside Smile

*   No morphing objects, statues, helper's room to decorate or anything like that.  See?  Extremely lacking.Hosue of 1000 Doors:  Evil Inside Sad

I really, really thought I was convinced to purchase this game ... CE version and all .... about 10 minutes into the game.  I'm glad I waited.

What I liked:Hosue of 1000 Doors:  Evil Inside Smile

*  The amazing graphics (almost worth purchasing it for that).
*   The music (but I never download it)
*  That there are 48 Evil Faces to find.  I found that I spent quite a bit of time in each area, so 48 faces/areas might mean a lengthy game.

What I disliked:Hosue of 1000 Doors:  Evil Inside Sad

*  The game was too campy.  Although it started out very well ... very entertaining ..... it went downhill fast.   You DO a lot in each area.  Mega amounts of "do this here, do that there ".... and the basis of the story ..... got lost in all the "doing" that didn't really need to be there.  What a shame.

*  CE Bling was extremely lacking.

I REALLY wanted to love this gameHosue of 1000 Doors:  Evil Inside Love  I really wanted to even like it.  But, when the demo finished (and I used the entire 90 mins.), there was no "wow" factor for me.  Hosue of 1000 Doors:  Evil Inside SadNo "OMGosh I want MORE!" moment.  I'm positively NOT going to purchase the CE.   I'm not even sure it's worth an SE coupon.  It just ..... lacked .... everything.

For those who want to disinfect the world ...............


Overall Impression:  Not worth a CE price with so much lacking in the CE Bling area.  Didn't hit my "wow" button but worth trying the demo.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?Hosue of 1000 Doors:  Evil Inside Devil-smiley-029

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