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House of 1000 Doors: the Evil Inside

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1 House of 1000 Doors: the Evil Inside on Sun May 10, 2015 10:55 am


House of 1000 Doors:  Evil Inside

Based on both the CE and SE versions.

I do have some of the past "House" games but, unfortunately, they are stuck in the Land of Unplayed Games.  Sigh.

The game started out well enough with an entertaining storyline.   After a meteor hits the planet Earth, a stranger arrives at your character's (Emily) front door and, with no explanation, whisks you away to a strange place and you both go through a portal.  Uh.....no ..... ever hear of "stranger danger"?  Nothing good can come of that.

The graphics were AMAZING!  Better than home movies.   I don't believe I've seen anything on this grand of a scale when it came to making the characters so realistic before.  KUDOS to the Devs.  The music was great!  Not annoying ... although you may want to turn it down a bit ..... but also not creepy.  Just good background music.  Sound FX were great ..... even dripping water!

There are 4 modes of difficulty:  Casual, Advanced, Hard and Custom.  You can choose how much of a tutorial you want.  I would highly recommend at least going for "Special Features" to learn how to use some of the unique items/powers are used.

You are immediately decked out with a journal that has both "notes" and "tasks" tabs.  Check this often because there IS usual info in there.  There is also a "task" tab ON the Inventory bar.  The map is a blue compass below the journal.  I was expecting to have to find it. ..... but no, you get it right away.  it shows where you are, where objectives are and what area is completed.  i like that it shows more than 1 area of objectives -- less handholding.  An "Inner Light" power (which becomes a hand near the hint button), and a Siamese cat helper (not annoying ... no meows or dress me up ... just sits there quietly waiting to be moved to wherever you needed it) rpunds you out.

There are 3 portals you will need to go through.  In the one portal I played, there were a plethora of things to do and, yes, some doors ................ many doors .................. to unlock and find the hidden "surprises".  But, the main focus seemed to be the portals and NOT the doors.

The HOGS (hidden object games) were silhouette, very interactive and the interaction made sense.  Find "a", use it to do something to an item, which will give you "b" and you will use that, in turn, to get "c" and so on.  No alternative game to play such as match 3, bubble shooter, etc.

Mini Games were extremely varied and ran the gamut from very easy to "uh oh .... patience and perseverance required".  I have NO patience so I had to persevere.  I did have to skip 1 mini game because the instructions weren't very clear ... to me.  i found an equal balance of HOGs to mini games.

CE Bling:

I think this area was a bit lacking.  Yes, you are inundated with the usual wallpapers, music, making of, etc.  Here are the "extras" I look out for:

*   Find 48 evil faces.  I found these terribly difficult to find. But  then, I also forgot about them BECAUSE they were not staring me in the face ... so to speak.  You must find at least 1 Evil Face or finish the Bonus Game to unlock the Evil Hunt mode.  Hmmmm.  Also, on the Inventory bar there is a grayish teeny tiny eye (?) which will light up when  you've found the Evil Eye in your playing area.

*   No morphing objects, statues, helper's room to decorate or anything like that.  See?  Extremely lacking.

I really, really thought I was convinced to purchase this game ... CE version and all .... about 10 minutes into the game.  I'm glad I waited.

What I liked:

*  The amazing graphics (almost worth purchasing it for that).
*   The music (but I never download it)
*  That there are 48 Evil Faces to find.  I found that I spent quite a bit of time in each area, so 48 faces/areas might mean a lengthy game.

What I disliked:

*  The game was too campy.  Although it started out very well ... very entertaining ..... it went downhill fast.   You DO a lot in each area.  Mega amounts of "do this here, do that there ".... and the basis of the story ..... got lost in all the "doing" that didn't really need to be there.  What a shame.

*  CE Bling was extremely lacking.

I REALLY wanted to love this game  I really wanted to love it.  But, when the demo finished (and I used the entire 90 mins.), there was no "wow" factor for me.  No "OMGosh I want MORE!" moment.  I'm positively NOT going to purchase the CE.   I'm not even sure it's worth an SE coupon.  It just ..... lacked .... everything.

For those who want to disinfect the world ...............


Overall Impression:  Not worth a CE price with so much lacking in the CE Bling area.  Didn't hit my "wow" button but worth trying the demo.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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