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What I'm Currently Reading

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Hi everyone!!!! goodbye 

I am currently reading a free ebook I got from Barnes and Noble on Freebie Friday.  It's called "First Contact" (I'll have to add the author's name later - sorry).

This SciFy/Fantasy story is set way in our future (duh).  We earthlings are on a space exploration to find more planets to settle on.  Our "spaceships" (for wont of a better name) can "jump" through hyperspace. 

The story is about one ship that found other space beings on a waaayy distant planet (had to use that hyperjump feature to get there).  They decide, rather than "jump" back until they get more info about these "aliens", to meet them head on as if they were friendly.  Hence, the title "First Contact" as this is their first contact with non-human space beings.

The beginning of the story is very interesting ..... first contact is made, things happen, more things happen but then, about the middle of the book (over 400 pages) it all becomes about the "war" that's taking place.  I'm afraid that doesn't interest me.  i can take a skirmish or two but it gets really drawn out in this book.

I rarely, if ever, do not finish a book I've started so even though I'm at a place I'm not really interested in I'll finish it.  I like that I discovered this new genre of reading and will definitely look for books like it in the future.

Now I'm off to check what my dog is eating that is making her hack!!!!!

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?What I'm Currently Reading Devil-smiley-029

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