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Beyond: Light Advent

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1 Beyond: Light Advent on Fri May 08, 2015 12:51 pm


Beyond:  Light Advent

Sigh.  It just figures that the first beta game I've played in MONTHS ............... is a ......... great ......... big .................. yawn .

Your character seems to work at a Space Station.  Her co-hort is a nerdy, squirrelly looking young man who needs to look more like he's in SHOCK scared1 that the world could be ending rather than ............... hmmm .......  pass me another slice of cake  cake or something.  YIKES! scared1 

First things first.  When you enter your profile ...... check out the license plate on the red convertible on the game page.  SURPRISE!!!!  big-grin Hmmmm confused2 .  That's actually the most exciting this game gets.  Ho-Hum. sleeping2 

Graphics are .... okay, at best.  Very little in the way of voice overs.  Count on a lot of reading.  The music music wasn't even very "Twilight Zone" to me ... IMO it should have been.  But, that's just me.

There are 4 difficulty modes:  Stargazer, Astronomer, Cosmologist and Physicists (custom).

You are equipped with a journal which puzzled  confused2 me a lot because the notes were written along with your tasks/objectives instead of dividing them into separate areas of the journal.

You are also equipped with a walkie talkie so you can speak with all the characters you meet during game play.  This confuses me because dizzy , back in the day (this looks very 1950's), you could only send and receive to someone who has the matching walkie-talkie.  Hmmmm. confused2

There were several areas where I came across dead silence.  No voice over, no music, no sound fx.  There I am, crouching among the trees and .............. nothing. straight-face

There was also an inconsistency in the spelling of the word "defence/defense". nerd
I did have a "WHOA" moment scared1 when the "space being" was able to put his hand right into your inventory! scared1

At the end of the demo, your character sees herself in the reflection of an elevator door and exclaims that she's "in another body .... again".  The survey also indicated this was a sequel.  "Again?"  confused2 "Sequel?" thinking1 .  THIS I had to look into. nerd
Just as I thought. lightbulb2   Yes, this IS a sequel.  But, before you go off trying to find the first game ....... it came out in 2013 as a Playstation 3 game only.  So, what have we missed?????

I doubt very seriously if I will even attempt to purchase this as an SE unless it has some major work done on it.

Enjoy! winking2

Overall Impression:  Don't have one.  During the CE game demo the game froze after I pulled the water tower down onto the barn.

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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