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Cadenza: The Kiss of Death

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1 Cadenza: The Kiss of Death on Thu May 07, 2015 8:30 pm


Cadenza:  The Kiss of Death

Based on the demo of both the CE and SE versions.

The storyline is pretty straightforward right from the beginning of the game ..... beware the Black Widow''s kiss!

The graphics are amazing.  But, I wouldn't expect anything different in this 2nd game of this series.   The music is jazz.... just like the first Cadenza game, but this one is more .... sensuous.   The voice overs were done very well.  Each character has their own specific voice and tone.  

There are 5 difficulty modes:  Novice, Artist, Virtuoso, Maestro and Improvisor (the "Custom" mode"), where you can choose various items, including how much of a tutorial you want and how quickly you want the hint to recharge or the mini game skip button to work.  

There is also an "Objectives" list and, eventually you will receive a map of the City streets.  I think this image of streets is unique and I've only seen it in this game series.  The map shows where you are, what area has been completed and where "active" areas are.  I like that it shows more than one "active" area.  

In the CE version, near the hint button on the bottom right of the page, during game play you will see either a tiny ticket (indicating you haven't found the "gold collectible ticket") or a swirling disk (indicating you haven't found the Morphing Object in the HOG you are playing).  I found these features to be extremely helpful as I would lose track of finding them because I was too "into" the game.

The HOGS (hidden object games) - This is where you will find the Morphing Objects.  Very interactive games.  The mini games were not as prevalent as the HOGS, IMO, but they were fun and fairly easy.

CE Bling:

Besides the usual Bonus Game, Strategy Guide, Wallpaper, etc., this game includes the following:
*   Finish the Bonus Game to unlock the Ticket Hunt.
*   Complete the Ticket Hunt to unlock the Treasure Hunt.
*   Complete the Treasure Hunt to unlock Match 3 mini games.
*   Finish the Main Game to open the Case Files.
*   Find 42 collectibles in the Treasure Hunt.
*   Find 42 golden tickets in the Main Game.
*   Find 15 Morphing Objects.

I LOVED playing the demo!  I was drawn into the STORY of the game very quickly. ....... as opposed to just the game play (finding this, doing that, playing HOGs and mini games).  I found that to be the case in the first Cadenza game as well.  You can tell when it's a GREAT game when the story is done so well you are unaware of anything else going on.

I would recommend this game for all expertise levels because there are so many difficulty choices.  I wouldn't suggest that  you pass up this demo.  It's a definite purchase for me and I hardly EVER give a 5 star review!

Come back in time with me and find out just who the Black Widow is ..... and why her kiss is so deadly.


Overall Impression:  RUN!  Don't walk ..... and purchase this game asap!

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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