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Haunted Legends: The Dark Wishes - Collector's Edition

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The Dark Wishes - A Pigeon's Mess

Setting: Something about the Philosopher's Stone, a professor of magic (you), Roberto and Lucia (your former pupils), and the Brotherhood of the Dove. There is a story in there somewhere, but don't try to make too much sense of it.

Drawing and cut scenes are very nicely done. The scenes have the unmistakeable signature of the developer. Transition between scenes is sometimes done using a "fish-eye" effect which is quite stunning. Music and sounds, while of decent quality, are all too familiar because they've been used so many times in earlier games. Voices are mostly good, except the villain's voice is cartoon-ish and not scary in the least. The dialog tries to develop the storyline but leaves the impression the story was scribbled out on a stone.

Hidden object scenes (12) are designed exclusively for beginners. There are very few objects in the scenes and they are reasonably large. Mini-games (18) provide a little bit more of a challenge but not much. Some have a Casual/Hard setting. But they are also not particularly interesting or innovative in style or design. I found myself flying through the HOPs and mini-games and I began to lose interest. Was there a map? I did not see one in the demo, nor was one needed.

Difficulty settings: There are four, but there is no setting for map indicators or objectives so I chose Advanced. If you like to adjust things, Hint and Skip can be set to between 5-200 seconds.

CE Extras: Not much. There are collectible pigeons (14, I think), 21 achievements, strategy guide, bonus level and the pseudo extra stuff.

I came away with the impression that the developer "mailed it in" on this one. It is totally derivative in story, artwork and music. Haunted Legends has been a good series, but unfortunately the high water mark was several years ago with Queen of Spades. I expect this would be an extremely short game and the play to be a disappointment to any player except a raw beginner.

Pigeons are notorious for making messes, and this fulfills that expectation.

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