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Choosing Baby's Name

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1 Choosing Baby's Name on Mon May 04, 2015 9:44 am


Well, just as any ordinary, less-than-royal, parents sometimes do, I'm sure William and Kate spent days, maybe even weeks or months choosing baby names.  We less-than-royal parents will choose, argue, make a deal with the significant other, pour over baby name books, seek advice from the stars, etc. just to name our babies.  Being royalty, however, adds another hurdle before the name is chosen and announced.

What could that hurdle be???

The Queen.

First, tradition dictates that the Queen must visit the baby.   Then, she must approve of the baby's name.  And that name may well be several names long.  So, given that the Queen must approve of this name ... what happens if she dislikes one of the chosen names?  Or, even, the order of the names OR the spelling of a name?  Although, I doubt we'll ever see Chyna Mystic Rose or some such moniker on a royal anytime soon - lol.  Even if they are ..... modern.

So, I'm guessing the proud parents have to have backups .... and backups to the backups.  And when the Queen has finally given her blessing to the chosen name (chosen by her in the end it seems), then said name can be publicly announced.

And we all thought we had tough in-laws.  lol

Bouncing baby Prince George's was announced 2 days after his birth.

Proud dad, Prince William's name was announced 1 week after his birth.

Proud Grand-papa, Prince Charles (who wished for a girl), didn't have his name announced for a solid month!

Since I'm NOT part of the royal inner circle, you'll have to wait just as long as I do to find out what Her Royal Highness, Princess ? will be.  But, don't worry, I'll post it here asap!

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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