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MY turn - lol

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1MY turn - lol Empty Need Help! on Fri May 08, 2015 6:42 am


Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your input! Thank You 

You know, your detail was worth posting them in "Demo Reviews"!  Think about doing that in the future  ---  it would be really great to have another poster there. smile1

I am taking all your suggestions to heart.  I fell in love with the new Cadenza and am purchasing the CE.  SO much to do and find.  Check out my review in "Demo Reviews".

I hope to play more demos/betas but this medication I've been put makes me feel straight-face sleepy yawn  and ultimately I sleeping2  all day.  It also makes me feel very silly at times.  So, I don't want to  do anything.

Thanks again for your suggestions and please do consider posting your thoughts in "Demo Reviews".  They don't have to be detailed ... but your thoughts were just great!

freyasmom smile1

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?MY turn - lol Devil-smiley-029

2MY turn - lol Empty Re: MY turn - lol on Sun May 03, 2015 2:18 pm


Okay, I tested Haunted Hotel: Eternity and I really liked it.
It has a really creepy athmosphere and totally draw me in. I like creepy  winking2
There are a lot of cut scenes but instead of clicking like a maniac to get them over with I actually watched them  dont-tell-anyone I thought the fit really well.
Mini Games were good, the HOS nothing really special. There are morphing Objects to find Photo pieces and Masks. There is a bonus level and a secret room and the usual rest.
I actually liked it so much that I already bought it and played the main game winking2. The demo had me worried there because I was already in chapter 3 of 6 after an hour but I think the game was about 5 hours long. So not too short.

Although I normally don't care about the story, I followed this one and unfortunately have a real problem with it. nerd I'm pretty sure it's just me, because nobody else was complainig about it yet. I wrote it in white because there may be a spoiler there:

About half way through the game, I really didn't want to safe that doctor anymore and was totally rooting for the "bad guys". 
I just hope that I can safe the poor guy in the bonus chapter.

I hope I could help a little and there is at least one game that has you interested.

3MY turn - lol Empty Re: MY turn - lol on Sun May 03, 2015 6:53 am


Hello back goodbye

I hope I can help you out. I haven't bought many of the new games lately but a few made it in my collection.
By the way, with your recommendations and the sale and the state of my punch card, I bought 6 games for a bit more than 6 euros  big-grin so thanks again.

One of the few I enjoyed from the new ones was Puppet Show: The price of Immortality. You play a reporter whose friend is missing.
There is a helper , a doll with a huge hat, but it wasn't overused and didn't go on my nerves, so all good there goodbye
What I liked most were the puzzles. They were a bit different than the ones that are mostly used these days. Some I actually never played before. Always a plus for me winking2.
Overall it was quite easy but I still liked it.
As for CE or SE. I don't know what you like about a CE. I like collectibles but I normally buy them simply for the bonus chapter. If I enjoy the gameplay, I want more of it smile1
This one has Tokens and dolls to collect but if I remember right you stumble across them and don't have to search for them. The dolls go to the dollhouse and you can upgrade them with the coins  nerd (I may be a woman but I never played with dolls and I don't want to start now). There are the typical extras like wallpapers and music ..., a bonus chapter and replayable HOS and Mini games. I normally like that but the few HOS I replayed were exactly the same as in the game, so I don't know if this is something you would like.

Another one was Bridge to another world: The Others
You play Jane who tries to find a cure for her brother and travels to the world of the Others.
The game is quite long but I never felt the need for it to end already, which is good, I guess  big-grin
I wasn't so sure about it in the beginning but I almost always play the full demo and I bought it immediatly after the demo ended. The whole game just felt slightly different than what we usually get. The HOS are all interactive and where the best part for me. They really seem to have put a lot of thought into them.

As for the CE. It's the usual stuff like wallpapers, art, music ..., bonus chapter, replayable mini games and HOS, and you collect ravens in each scene. If you found all of them you can open an additional HOS. If you haven't found them all, you can still collect them later in the extras.

I tried Myths of the World: The Heart of Desolation today but I'm not certain about this one yet.
It has a chinese setting and dragons. The graphics are absolutely beautiful but it feels just too easy for me. I played for 25 minutes and didn't have to think once straight-face
But it looks so nice sad1 so I guess I gotta play the rest of the demo and decide then winking2
It's an Eipix game and while I loved them in the beginning, they seem to rather throw the games out really fast now, instead of thinking about something new.
But I really like the look big-grin. Just try for yourself

That was about it at the moment.

I just downloaded Haunted Hotel: Eternity and tell you about it if your interested.
I hope you like one of them

By and happy gaming goodbye

4MY turn - lol Empty MY turn - lol on Fri May 01, 2015 2:52 pm



I need HELP ! !

I really haven't felt much like demo-ing games (CE or SE) for a while (new meds make freyasmom sleepy and lethargic all day long)! straight-face  sad1   yawn sleeping2 

Now, I need to  use some CE coupons that are ready to expire and I have NO IDEA what games are good --- or REALLLY good! BangingHead

And WHY CE over SE .... or SE over CE.

Please ................


Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?MY turn - lol Devil-smiley-029

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