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Hi to SandSFun4All

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1 Hi to SandSFun4All on Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:15 am


I guess I start

Hi SandSFun4All and Thank You for the warm welcome I hope to get to know all the members on SandSFun4All and to have fun posting with you all. Also if you need help with the site posting photos, setting up your profile, posting videos etc. Just sent me a PM and I will help you with that post or the forum set-up etc. Wink

My Name is Mike aka Fish Crazy I live in Texas I run a fish/aquarium forum with 601 members but the forum is slow now. I also run a ghost forum with only 5 members Embarassed but it's fun working with the forums for me. I like to help so that is why I am here to help this forum and see if we can get this forum to take off. I also have 2 cats the one inside cat is my sons cat and red is the out door cat it's my neighbors cat he was not feeding or taking care of it any more it was half dead. So now it stays here and he is doing great and got a little fat too :P. I like to work in the yard and I have a ton of roses in my yard Very Happy. I have 12 aquarium running and sell some fish on craigslist but I stopped selling fish now on craigslist it is getting to dangers now for me and I had some people stele and take advantage so my wife said your to nice you let them run all over you. I had one guy with his 2 sons take 10 fish from me and did not pay me, at a pet shop the 10 fish they ran off with are going for $168.00 + tax. But I told my wife if they need them that bad they can have them my wife was so mad with me. I see it like this what comes a round goes a round. Smile


2 Re: Hi to SandSFun4All on Wed Jun 17, 2015 5:06 pm


Hello Mike and welcome.

12 Aquariums sound like a lot of work. I had one as a child and really liked it, but I guess I did about everything wrong you can do wrong. There were too much plants and they clogged the filter so it stopped working and that was the end of it. 

Shocked ghost really?

I love creepy things Very Happy . For the last two weeks I've been running around reddit and youtube for all the creepy videos and stories that are out there. Good your not on craigslist anymore, that doesn't sound safe, at least after what I read and heard in those 2 weeks big-grin. How come you run a ghost forum? Did you experience something strange? Would you mind sending me a link to the forum? I'd like to check that out  Very Happy.

Hope to hear from you soon goodbye

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