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Where's My Pipes

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1 Where's My Pipes on Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:32 am


Where's My Pipes

The storyline in this cute little pipe connecting game is quite cute and I think it is one everybody will enjoy.  Still, this game lacks a lot to make me give it more stars than 3 (it's ok).

The graphics are great.  The music is bright, cheerful, even playful.   I really enjoyed it.  No voice overs so expect to do some reading.

I was very disappointed when the tutorial stopped after only 2 "hints" because there was a LOT I didn't know about this game.  For instance, why are some pipe connections gold?  Where is the store?  OoooHHHhhhhh!  Yeah.  I get it!  Finally!

There isn't a timer, which is good for me - lol - but you do lose "gold stars" when you don't finish the level  before the water turned on.  Although, you can still work on the pipes WHILE the water is running.  I thought that was great for those who like the game but don't want the stress of trying to beat a timer.

Because of the lack of tutorial or "hint" capability, I would NOT recommend this for beginners.  As an intermediate, I had some problems until I figured things out.  Experts in this genre of gaming will probably love it.

For all the reasons listed and more, this will not be a purchase for me.  I, do, however, recommend it for experts and suggest those less experienced try the demo.


Overall Impression:  I enjoyed the game, for a while, then it lost it's entertainment appeal. 

Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket!!!?

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